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Publicly Traded Company's Data Display service
StockOnWeb product is a service developed by Inforex which allows publicly traded companies to display market information, corporate news, balance sheets and other important data on their official websites.

StockOnWeb service can be reached by a link that will be placed on the listed company’s website. The service is hosted on Inforex servers. The necessary security measures are also provided for this operation. Below are examples of how various companies benefit from our StockOnWeb service.

StockOnWeb can be observed both in Greek and English and with this service it is possible to display the following stock information which may be useful for both local and foreign investors:

1) Real-time / delayed stock market data and statistical data derived from these figures.

2) Intraday price graphics.

3) Financial Statements.

4) Historical Data.

5) Capital increases and dividend payments.

6) Inforex News Center news and reports.

7) ASE company news and news archives.

8) Indices.

9) Other financial market data including forex, derivatives, fixed income etc.

The visual effects of the display format and / or different designs may be incorporated with the service. Inforex also provides web design and development for listed companies if demanded.

With StockOnWeb service, widely used P/L calculators are also provided. StockOnWeb service is used by more than 50 listed companies in Turkey and Greece.

StockOnChart (Interactive Ajax Charts for Listed Companies) service
The StockOnChart service provides the investor relations divisions of institutions with graphics in various formats of publicly traded companies.The service encompasses weekly, daily and intraday price graphics and trading volume data as well as various technical analysis indicators.

StockOnChart is an interactive chart service with different visual effects which also features market value graphics, index / sectorial indices comparisons, pre and post stock split historical data, Excel and Comma Delimited presentation.

The main functionalities of the StockOnChart service are:

1) Graphical display of %Change between 2 separate dates for 2 or more companies.

2) Display of company news as an icon and accessing details through graphics.

3) Graphic comparison between 2 separate dates.

4) Graphic comparison between 2 separate dates in Excel format.

5) Return comparison of ATHEX indices.

6) Market Value graphic compared with volume.

7) The comparison of the same stock’s ADR, GDR etc. also within the same industry competitors.

8) Adding Momentum, RSI, MACD etc. indicators (20 indicators).

9) The ability to display data as tooltip on graphics.

10) News display on the chart.