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Economic Calendar

In periods of announcement of macro and micro economic events, markets become quite volatile. Any trader or decision-maker, not having the low latency access to these announcement data, carries a big risk in managing trading activities.


To meet these general demand, Inforex has developed an easy-access, full content coverage and very visual tool, Inforex Economic Calendar. This tool fully covers worldwide economic activities in detail, displaying all economic indicators, macro and micro economic data, interest rate decisions and important reports on country economies.


Inforex Economic Calendar can be used on websites and / or applications aiming at announcing updates to their subscribers.

The main usage of the product is as follows:

1) The full content is available from Inforex servers in XML format on a push-server technology. In this case, the buyer of the service should develop its own display platform for the same data.

2) The buyer of the tool may send Inforex the visual design and preferred application development environment (usually web based) and the displaying environment can be developed and hosted by Inforex for the buyer.

3) The buyer can use one of the pre-defined templates of Inforex.

4) The historical values on the content are available upon request, while each of these options is priced accordingly.

5) The updates are done automatically and on a very low latency level by Inforex News Center.

The main advantages of the product can be summarized as follows:
a) Access in full to all economic data worldwide.

b) Gets rid of all manual updates and data maintenance for the buyer. The buyer will not assign any work power to update such data. So it is a cost-effective service.

c) The flexibility of integration to a third party application.

d) The level of importance of the data, availability of historical values for comparison and the estimated or projected value by the market.

e) The next 2 years’ periodical economic data is already displayed on the tool. Thus the users of the tool are able to view the integrated schedule of economic activities beforehand. Easy for dealers handling “what data will be announced today” questions by clients.

f) The past 5 years data is saved and can be sorted out / filtered accordingly by country, announcement words (i.e. “unemployment rate”, text based search), dates and importance level.

g) The tool is available both in Greek and English.