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Infront Professional terminal

The Infront Professional terminal is designed with powerful search tools, clear menus and an intuitive work flow that makes it natural for you to click through to a world of market data, news, analytics and tools.

Access global market data:
With data from over 80 exchanges, MTFs, contributing brokers and more, Infront gives you a complete overview of the markets that are important to you. Combine equities, derivatives, fixed income, commodities, funds, FX and money market data in your own custom interface for an unparalleled view of the market.

Financial news and research: Get easy access to real-time financial news from leading sources, regulatory news, in-depth research and social media. Powerful search, filtering and alert tools, combined with an historical archive provides you the insight you need.

Superior analytics and tools: Dig down deep with superior analytics for equities, funds, fixed income, derivatives, and fx. Screen, compare and analyze global listed companies with fundamentals, consensus estimates and ratios, combined with powerful tools for Excel, and desktop APIs for R and Python.

Clear overview. Deep analysis: Overview pages for companies, indices, funds, asset classes and countries give you a clear, compact first look.  And you can click on nearly everything to instantly drill down into the details.