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A native application that can be downloaded directly from Apple Store


Custom Home Page

Personal and fully customized page by the user.


Stock Screener

Stock information page with details such as: Last Price, High-Low, Bid-Ask, Volume etc.


Stock Chart

Monitoring the historical chart of the symbol.



Access full or selective information of the Greek, Cyprus and International Markets.



Access all economic events and important developments of the financial markets.


Economic Calendar

Receive prompt and accurate announcements and outcomes of the most important financial indices and macroeconomic news.



Receive notifications in the smartphone through Notification Center.



Give trading orders by sending Buy-Sell orders of stocks and derivatives both for Greek and International Markets.


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Homepage of the application constitutes a personal and fully customized page by the user. The user has the ability to personalize all information displayed by choosing those of his interest and customize their layout (choosing specific stock symbols and modifying their columns). The end result is a customized online homepage, built in accordance with the customer’s needs and available each time the user opens the application.

User who wants to have deeper information on a specific stock, gains access to full stock details by clicking on its symbol.

By clicking, the user is transferred to the respective information page that includes full stock details like:

Last price, Open, High, Bid-Ask, Volume etc.

A graphical representation of the stock price is also displayed. The user can always return to homepage or use any other feature of the application.

The user has the ability through the continuously up to date stock charts, to graphically view the historical price of any stock. Additionally, the option of choosing the trading period (5min, 60min, Daily, Monthly) constitutes an additional valuable feature of the application to the advantage of the end user.

The aim of the application is the full understanding and satisfaction of the customers’ needs. Thus, beyond the full coverage of the Greek Stock Market (ASE, ADEX), InforexMobile provides selective information and access on International Markets and Indices, FOREX market, Gold, Platinum etc.

The most important and contemporary piece of information and tool for the institutional and private investors is being included in the application, ready to provide prompt and accurate information regarding the announcements and outcomes of the most important international financial indices.

The provision of a wide range of news, covering all important economic events, constitutes a major advantage of the application that enables the user to keep track of all important developments in the financial sector. By entering the homepage, end user has online access to Athens Stock Exchange announcements and the press releases of the listed companies and also the majority of news regarding Greek Market as well.