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FXPlus: Real time ASE, CSE and International Stock Exchange data through satellite and internet

FXPlus - Introduction
FXPlus is a user friendly and creditworthy platform that provides full access to the Athens Stock Exchange equities, derivatives, ATHEX indices and limited access to International Stock markets. In particular, and beyond the provision of extensive financial information for the Greek Stock market in real time (i.e. ASE Level 1 & 2, ADEX Level 1 & 2 in table or ticker format, FTSE / ATHEX indices and other statistical information), application gives users the opportunity to fully access Cyprus Stock Exchange, Istanbul Stock Exchange as well as monitor selective stocks (Level 1) and their futures on the largest Stock Markets of the world.

FXPlus is a MS Windows based program which includes technical analysis tools, charting, graphical representation and news services in addition to the abovementioned financial information in real time or delayed environment.

FXPlus gives also the option to the clients to engage in trading activities by accessing their portfolio and proceed with online trading.

For more information please read our Information Guide.

The updated professional platform (FXPlus) for screening and monitoring ASE, CSE, ISE and International Stock Markets (limited access) incorporates, according to end user business requirements, the following capabilities:

Online trading in Greek and Cyprus markets, in stocks and derivatives and also in International Markets.

Access and monitoring of Portfolio info and transactions.

Real-time monitoring of stock exchange financial information.