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WebFX Plus

WebFX product family, is a real time data observation and transaction platform prepared for users, who choose to participate in financial markets through internet.

Target Market
Institutional Investors
Private Investors
Securities Firms
Listed Companies’ Executives

Information included
Tables with companies listed in Stock Exchanges sorted in alphabetical order or by sector (with variables like Last Value, %Change, Bid, Ask, Volume, Daily High, Daily Low, Previous Daily Close, Turnover), OTC trading, graphical stock or index charts according to user’s will and trading levels, information on FTSE / ATHEX and International indices’ trend, market data and highly customized technical analysis chart.

Advantages of using WebFX Plus

• Personalize using XML language
The use of “XML Based Data Window Creation” infrastructure, according to which WebFX Plus platform has been designed, enables companies and end users to create tailor made data observation and transaction platforms, in order to satisfy their needs the best possible way. Many different platforms can be set with different visuals, content and usage options, depending on individual investor profiles. The most important implication of the above is the recognition and clear identification of the added value through the provision of customized information to end users and companies’ clients, as a direct result of a simple configuration of the XML file, at no extra cost.

Boundless creation of Data windows, supplementary to Main Program window, in accordance with customer’s needs
The WebFX Plus platform, also brings another renovation to data monitoring. Instead of the single program window screen (MDI - Multiple Document Interface) in the Main Program window, WebFX Plus customers can now create and use stand-alone “Widgets” with Data windows. “Widgets” not only save valuable screen space, but also give the user the option to view financial markets without ALT+TAB command when using another Windows application.

• Flexibility of Central Database Structure
The screens and windows created on WebFX Plus are all stored in a central server. So, users will always reach their customized screen settings on any computer they log in.

«Should Work On Every Computer, Should Not Create Problems At The Office».
Solution: WebFX Plus

The problem of impervious need for receiving authorization by the IT department that many banking institutions and brokerage houses are facing today in order to secure:

1) application downloading on customers’ computers,
2) logging in as administrators,
3) working on computers with limited usage rights

is solved by WebFX Plus.

WebFX Plus solves these problems by using Java technology (

Practical and Simple User Interface
WebFX Plus, supports the Drag&Drop feature on many of its functions. As far as its efficiency is concerned WebFX Plus provides users with a simple, fast and user friendly graphical interface that meets international standards.

What If Number of Users Increase From 1 To 10?
An equally important problem banking institutions and brokerage houses are facing is associated with Clients-Resources balance, given the growing importance of the latter as a result of the upward trend in the number of end clients and the increased level of technical support.

WebFX products family provides efficient customer service and it is the most well known and used platform in the banking sector. The continuously increasing brand awareness and the adoption of WebFX products relies on the non-stop implementation of its motto «Providing solutions to simple needs without additional costs».

• What If Customers Are Interested In Other Markets
WebFX Plus platform provides customers with Inforex broadcasts of all equity markets, commodities, futures, OTC markets, news sources etc. which can be easily revised and customized quickly using the XML based configuration. İt has to be noted that the time period for adding new applications to the platform from the data vendor has been remarkably shortened.

• Right Click Menu and HTML Reports
As already being mentioned, WebFX Plus menus can be completely customized to meet the needs of institutions.
Right click option, which is available at nearly all WebFX Plus features, constitutes a competitive advantage of the application, strongly facilitating and substantially decreasing the time needed for the client’s financial briefing.

• Stock Trading
Aiming at providing integrated solutions WebFX Plus additionally includes financial trading features. Particularly, the end user can access his / her portfolio and is able to proceed with stock trading activities.

With economical bandwidth usage, WebFX Plus allows institutions to provide high quality services to a larger number of clients.

WebFX Plus, supports the Drag&Drop feature on many of its functions. As far as its efficiency is concerned WebFX Plus provides users with a simple, fast and user friendly graphical interface that meets international standards.

WebFX product group has a multilingual structure. Taking into account the globalization in international financial markets, meeting the needs of foreign investors will become a standard. This is one of the reasons why WebFX Plus stands out amongst its peers.

WebFX Plus also has a technical analysis system that is above the standard user level. The platform carries nearly 28 of the most used indicators. WebFX Plus also supports features like trend lines, Fibonacci, multi symbols etc.. Additionally, end user is able to save graphics in the remote server or his hard drive.