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An updated professional platform (desktop application) for screening and monitoring ASE, CSE and ISE as well as other international stock markets (with limited access) in real time or delayed, that additionally includes real time financial news, sophisticated technical analysis, built-in calculation windows and Excel compatibility features.

Infront Professional terminal

Inforex & Foreks strategic alliance with Infront Finance, offers proved solutions developed over 20 years by industry experts, and with product development driven by our clients' business needs. The Infront terminal has become the most intuitive and flexible terminal within the financial market, helping institutions to reduce costs, adapt to fast changing market requirements and being able to work more effectively with the increasing amount of information available. 

WebFX Plus

A simple, easy to use, user friendly and light internet platform (web application) for monitoring Athens Stock Exchange financial information and other market data as well as Ιnternational markets (with limited access) in real time or delayed.


Get access to real-time or delayed stock markets' information with Inforex’s native application that can be downloaded directly from Apple Store.

Web Solutions / Widgets

Distribution of comprehensive financial markets information for the Athens Stock Exchange, Istanbul Stock Exchange, Cyprus Stock Exchange as well as the International stock markets and delivery of other web based solutions designed for website environments.

Economic Calendar

Inforex has developed an easy-access, full content coverage and very visual tool, Inforex Economic Calendar. This tool fully covers worldwide economic activities in detail, displaying all economic indicators, macro and micro economic data, interest rate decisions and important reports on country economies.


Publicly Traded Companies' Data Display service and StockOnChart (Interactive Ajax Charts for Listed Companies) service.

Per Quote Feed

Real time stock exchange data feed (Level 2) in XML format displayed as quotes that can be used for portfolio evaluation, trading applications etc..

Non-Display data

Real time stock exchange «Non-Display» data in XML format (that cannot be readily reverse-engineered to recreate the information), used for order enabling or execution of transactions etc..

Trade Street

Αn advanced tool of each Trader’s Revenue Generation process.