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1. FXPlus Setup Files

File Description Size (kb)
FXPlus Setup File FXPlus latest setup file. 65457
FXPlus Latest Update FXPlus latest update file. 7582 FXPlus definitions file. 246
Default Initial settings' files for FXPlus. 21

2. FX2000 Setup Files

File Description Size (kb)
FX2000 Setup File FX2000 version 6.4.155 setup file. 21537
FX2000 Latest Update FX2000 version 6.7.58 latest update file. 7956 FX2000 definitions file. 278
Default Initial settings' files for FX2000. 41

3. InforexMobile Setup Files

File Description Size (kb)
InforexMobile Apple Store Link InforexMobile Apple Store link.

4. Information Guides

File Description Size (kb)
FXPlus Information Guide FXPlus information guide. 634
FXPlus Specifications for Companies FXPlus specifications for companies. 156
FXPlus Specifications for Individual Users FXPlus specifications for individual users. 142
FX2000 User Guide FX2000 user guide. 1023
InforexMobile Information Guide InforexMobile information guide. 711