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About Inforex

Inforex S.A. was established in September 2002 as a Greek data vendor company.  Its major shareholder with a 51% stake is Oceantrade SA, headquartered in Switzerland and the rest are physical persons. The company is servicing the largest Securities firms, Banks and Financial institutions of the Greek market, while providing services to listed companies on the Athens Stock Exchange and individuals with high interest in the Greek and International markets.

Foreks S.A., the sister company of Inforex, was established in early 1990 as a joint Swiss-Turkish venture and according to the latest official figures from the Istanbul Stock Exchange, it constitutes one of the main data vendors at the domestic market, providing services to banks’ and brokerage houses’ websites as well as to internet portals in Turkey.

Oceantrade S.A., the parent company, established Inforex based on the successful business model of Foreks with an already impressive track record in Turkey, which has a very similar market to Greece in terms of local investor profiles, market trends, characteristics and competition. Having the successful business model and being part of a strong Group, Inforex managed to become highly competitive, adaptable to market requirements and capable of providing prompt and fully sufficient services to clients’ increasing information needs.

Brief History

Inforex is an official data vendor of the Athens Stock Exchange, the Cyprus Stock Exchange, CME & Dow Jones Indexes, CBOT, NYSE Euronext, Deutsche Böerse etc. while its longstanding experience in the financial software sector and its vast range of high value services have placed Inforex at the forefront of the industry, as one of the most reliable sources at European level, that holds a leading position in the Greek market.

Inforex started its sales and marketing operations during the first quarter of 2003 and despite the challenging financial climate the company has managed not only to gradually strengthen its presence by increasing its market share in the Greek market but also to launch new products and services which fully satisfy the clients’ needs. The strong infrastructure, the company’s international co-operations through which Inforex expanded its range of products and services and its skilled staff, have extremely positive effect, being fully reflected in the company’s performance over the last years and particularly at the significant increase of its clientele and the company’s turnover.

Inforex is having a comparative advantage through its participation in one of the largest European Group of companies by:

· fully exploiting the advantages of its parent company’s co-operations with the international financial institutions and stock markets as well as the Group’s know-how,

· acting as the representative of an internationally oriented Group,

· operating as a local player in the Greek market, by providing the means and enabling its clients to access the International financial stocks & derivatives markets and the International indices.

Key Strategic Factors

Inforex successful track record in continuous research, development, support and maintenance on its financial software applications, is not only reflected into its enhanced and constantly increasing clientele that includes the largest Greek financial houses, listed companies and individuals, but also on the following key strategic factors:

1) Leading-edge Technology: Throughout the years, our companies have always been on the cutting edge of technology, integrating technological innovations and new approaches to its operations and developing new and robust products, aiming at fully satisfying the market’s increasing information demands.

2) Use of local and foreign industry experts and market specialists: Identifying the provision of products and services that fully satisfy our clients’ needs as our core strategy, Inforex pays a close attention and invests in R&D which also constitutes an essential part of its business operations.

· In order to successfully run the above mentioned model, Inforex is continuously improving and / or developing its product portfolio, working very closely with market specialists and updating its services according to clients' requirements.

· Inforex has strategically adopted a very flexible and non-bureaucratic approach, which enables its market specialists to identify, react and adapt to market trends and developments and allows its IT personnel to integrate these market demands and input on a high priority and quick served basis.

3) Competitive price:  The strength of the company lies not only to its implementation of innovative technology, user-friendly environment and robust product portfolio but also to its competitive pricing structure. Inforex is the leader in providing cost-efficient real time data, news, technical analysis tools etc.

4) Customer Service, Technical support and Maintenance: What differentiates our companies from our competitors is the importance we give to client service management as well as to technical support and maintenance.

Business Support

Sales and Marketing Team which exploits the strong national distribution network and manages the client service expectations. 

Technical Services Team which is responsible to implement the system setup at the client's site, and

Systems Help Desk that is dedicated to every client’s training needs and responsible to deliver customer support via its call center or scheduled on-site visits.


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