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SIX Financial Information - Business update: SIX Financial Information completes new round of expansion of its global real-time market data services

Zurich, Switzerland – SIX Financial Information has added 35 sources of real-time market data from global exchanges, institutional contributors and financial news providers since the beginning of 2011. This expansion of services brings better access to market information in the Middle East and North Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe.
The additional real-time sources, which include upgraded services that had previously carried end-of-day prices only, encompass 27 exchanges and multi-lateral trading facilities (MTFs), 5 contributor services and 3 financial news providers. This expansion of the SIX Financial Information real-time database coincides with the release of new features for the Telekurs iD desktop service and for IPS, the intra-day pricing service.
“As investors broaden their global horizons in the search for new opportunities and higher risk adjusted returns it is imperative that SIX Financial Information maintain a continuous program of content enhancement and expansion,” explained Alexandra Karg, Head of Data Operations at SIX Financial Information. “We collaborate with first rate financial experts in our client community to ensure that our services meet the evolving demands of the industry,” added Karg.
Follow the link below for a list of SIX Financial Information’ new exchange and MTF sources: SIX



As a leader in its field, SIX Financial Information specializes in procuring, processing and distributing international financial information. Financial market specialists at SIX Financial Information gather information from all the world’s major trading venues – directly and in real-time. The SIX Financial Information database with its structured and encoded securities administration data for over 8 million financial instruments is unique in terms of its depth of information and data coverage. With offices in 23 countries, SIX Financial Information combines the advantages of global presence and local know-how.
SIX Financial Information is a SIX Group company. On a global scale, SIX Group offers first-rate services in the areas of securities trading, clearing and settlement, as well as financial market information and payment transactions.
Further information is available at: